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The Victor AuraSpeed 90S is one of Victor’s top-of-the-line speed-oriented rackets. Ideal for advanced doubles and control-oriented singles players, the 90S is incredibly light and fast while having a stiff shaft and rigid frame. The first time I tested this racket, the swing was so fast I accidentally hit myself in the leg as I didn’t expect it to swing that fast! The colors on this racket are immaculate. It starts with a metallic purple base and fades in and out to black with neon yellow highlights that look amazing when paired with Ashaway 68TX Neon Yellow strings!

Material & Technologies

  • High Resilient Modulus Graphite
  • Nano Fortify TR
  • Hard Cored Technology
  • Pyrofil
  • 6.8 Shaft
  • Whipping Enhancement System
  • Dynamic Sword Technology

Our Honest Review

The AuraSpeed 90s is an amazingly fast and high-quality racket. We could play for hours with this racket and not experience much arm fatigue or strain. As mentioned above, the Sword technology in the head is an amazing thing and if you have a lot of experience, it is something that you will notice on your swings. They become more effortless and the increased head speed helps with not only fast attacks but bumps up the racket’s power as well.

Now, you’re not going to get the same kind of power as your would with something like the Thruster Falcon but it’s close. Coach Ching had no issues hammering out solid smashes with this but to get that kind of power out of the 90s, you’ll definitely need proper form. Control is fantastic and we were able to consistently place our shots and drops exactly where we wanted them.¬† This is an ideal speed and control racket for both advanced doubles and singles players.

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