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Ashaway Rogue Duo Hybrid


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Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced Rogue Duo® Hybrid, its first hybrid string set for badminton. Rogue Duo Hybrid combines two Ashaway Beta Polymer strings specifically formulated for use in hybrid sets. The mains are made of RD68, a black 0.68 mm string, designed to provide a durable string bed. The crosses are made of RD61, an orange 0.61 mm string with a textured gripping surface for control and sharp spin. Beta Polymer string technology maximizes shuttle speed and generates excellent repulsion.

Ashaway’s proprietary BETA polymer multifilament core technology provides 25% greater dynamic stiffness and elasticity than comparable strings, and its BETA polymer braided construction provides 25% better knot and shear strength. Best performance with hybrid stringing is achieved by maintaining a balanced tension ratio between mains and crosses. With Rogue Duo Hybrid sets, Ashaway recommends the crosses be installed at 5% less tension than the mains, or up to 30 lbs for the mains and 28 lbs for the crosses.

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21 lbs (beginner/PE rackets), 22 lbs, 23 lbs (general recommendation), 24 lbs, 25 lbs, 26 lbs (26+ advanced or control player), 27 lbs, 28 lbs, 29 lbs, 30 lbs, 31 lbs


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