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Used Equipment Policies


Listing Used Equipment

Sunset Badminton offers, as a courtesy to our customers and the local badminton community, a listing service for used badminton equipment. On our e-commerce site, there is a “Used” category where all used equipment can be seen. To have your equipment listed on our site you must complete this Google Form so that we have the necessary information to list your equipment.

Once we have your submitted Google Form and your equipment is approved (criteria below), we will reach out to get a few well-light photos of your equipment then we’ll get it listed for you.


How this works

  1. Sellers must submit the Google Form application. This application requires equipment details and a brief well-written description of the item and its condition. We will reach out to you to gather photos and ask any additional questions we may have.
  2. Sellers will be billed a 10% listing fee, based on the selling price, to be paid before the item is listed in the store. This fee is for the publicity and labor of us listing your item. This is a non-refundable fee regardless if the item sells or not. The product will remain in our store until either the product sells, the seller notifies us that they no longer wish to continue listing the item, or we close the e-commerce store. 
  3. If a customer is interested, they will “buy” your item in our e-commerce store for $0. They will automatically be sent your contact information (name, email, and phone [optional]) and they will be responsible for reaching out to you to complete the transaction.
  4. Once the buyer has “purchased” the item in our store, it will not be available to purchase again by anyone else. If, for whatever reason, the buyer backs out of the purchase, it is the seller’s responsibility to notify Sunset Badminton that the product should be re-listed. There is no additional fee for relisting.
  5. The seller and the buyer are 100% responsible for organizing payment and product transfers. Sunset Badmtion is only providing the seller’s contact information and we do not handle any money or products in this transaction. Sunset Badminton is not responsible for disputes or returns and we offer no guarantees to either party aside from the listing service stated above.