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Shoe Size Chart


Shoe Sizing Chart

To ensure accurate shoe sizes across most of Victor’s unisex badminton shoes, we only list shoe sizes in millimeter measurements. To accurately measure your foot, simply place a ruler or measuring tape on a hard floor, step on it with your bare foot, and measure either centimeters or millimeters (depending on your ruler, 1cm = 100mm) from heel to toe.

Shoe Sizing Chart

US Men's

US Women's


Shoe Shape

Each Victor shoe comes in a particular shape. We make every effort to show the shape in the shoe description but sometimes they are not labeled. If you are ever unsure, please reach out to us. Better yet, schedule a time to try on the shoes you are interested.

U-shape shoes usually best fit the Egyptian and Roman foot types whereas V-shape shoes then to fit Greek-shaped feet.

Shoe shapes