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Humidome Shuttlecock Hydrator


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How many times have you gotten to the gym, realizing that you forgot to hydrate your feather shuttles the night before? We are so happy to be official retailers of the innovative Humidome continual shuttlecock hydrator. You simply soak the device containing water beads in water for a few hours until they are fully saturated then replace the endcap on your tube of shuttles with the device and now you have continual shuttle hydration for over a month. No more worrying about dehydrated and short-lived shuttles. It’s renewable too! When the beads start to dry out/shrink, simply soak them again and you’re as good as new. These units come with extra water beads but not only will they last a very long time, but you can also use any common water beads (mix and match your colors too!) you find online if you somehow run out.

Our Honest Opinion

These are fantastic devices! They absolutely keep your entire tube of shuttles hydrated without ever needing to think about it. Coach Ching doesn’t typically play when at the gym (he’s almost always training) so he doesn’t usually hydrate his game shuttles. The Humidome has been a game-saver. It really works. Period! We do recommend that if you are opening a new tube of shuttles that you will use with the Humidome, you steam them normally first then cap them off with the dome to give things a head start.


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