Victor A-OPS-C One Piece Promotional Shoe


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We have the very limited-edition One Piece Sanji badminton shoe! This is an amazingly well-constructed, stable, and performant badminton shoe…not to mention incredibly good-looking! Pair this with our Drive X One Piece for an amazingly well-matched racket and shoe!

Light Resilient EVA
The highly resilient midsole material is more durable and retains its shape better. It provides primary stability and shock absorption, increases flexibility, and increases reaction time while changing directions.

Highly elastic material with rebound performance improved by 22%, and shock-absorption increased by 6%-greatly enhancing the instant rebound and boosting the shock-absorption capacity under great impact force.

Upgraded outsole rubber, slip-resistant performance increases by 21% on dry PU floor.




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Unfortunately, we cannot ship Victor products (all other brands are ok to ship)! We are currently limited to meeting in person (Phoenix, AZ) to deliver goods.  We will reach out to you after your purchase to set up a meeting time and location. If you are in the Southwest, USA, reach out to us and we can work together to get your order to you!