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Victor A530W CH Badminton Shoe


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Hyper EVA
The highly resilient midsole material is more durable and retains its shape better. It provides primary stability and shock absorption, increases flexibility, and increases reaction time while changing directions.

Highly elastic material with rebound performance improved by 22%, and shock-absorption increased by 6%-greatly enhancing the instant rebound and boosting the shock-absorption capacity under great impact force.

The inner surface of the tow is made of a super wear-resistant special material which greatly prolongs the service life of the footwear. In wear-level testing, the super wear-resistant technology applied to the tow is 16x more wear-resistant than average PU leather.

U-Shape Toe Box
The U-shaped toe box better fits people with “Egyptian-style” feet where the big toe is the longest. This is opposed to the “standard” of the second toe being longer. Please check out the Shoe Sizing guide for more.


Additional information

Shoe Size

260mm (M 8, W 9.5), 265mm (M 8.5, W 10), 275mm (M 9.5), 285mm (M 10.5), 295mm (M 11.5)


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