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Victor DriveX Light Fighter 60


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The Victor DriveX Light Fighter 60 is another ultra-light all-around racket in the DriveX series. It has moderate flex and is just slightly head heavy. This racket feels very similar to the Auraspeed LF 80 but is designed to be more for the all-around player. We would recommend this racket for singles control players or any doubles players who need a fast and light racket. The colors are really nice with a bright neon green/yellow and grey mix that looks great on our demo racket with a neon yellow grip! The racket comes prestrung at 24lbs though, as with most pre-strung rackets, we do recommend a fresh custom restringing.

Material & Technologies

  • High Resilience Modulus Graphite
  • 7.0 shaft
  • Inner Waves tech
  • Ultralight frame

Our Honest Review

The Victor DriveX LF 60 is a fantastic all-around ultralight racket. For the price, we were very surprised at the performance and quality of this racket. Not only does it look fantastic, especially with some Optic Yellow 68TX string, but it performs well above its price. This racket technically falls in our entry-level category but it could easily be well-leveraged by intermediate and advanced players. The racket is slightly head heavy helping with power but it’s not really a power racket given its weight and shaft stiffness. When playing, the racket feels solid despite its light weight. Control is great and we were quite surprised at the playability of the racket in testing, especially in this price range. This is a very similar racket to the AuraSpeed LF 80 but geared slightly more towards all-around players.

Additional information




Moderately Head Heavy



Racket Weight


Play Level

Competitive, Recreational

Play Style

All Around, Speed






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