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Victor Thruster Ryuga


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The Victor Thruster Ryuga is one of the more popular power rackets from Victor. Used by world top 10 Lee Zii Jia from Malaysia, this moderately stiff and attack-focused racket has all of the best technologies from Victor in a beautiful flame red graffiti pattern. Coming in at a 4U weight and head heavy, the Ryuga is great for aggressive power singles players. The power box frame allows for stringing up to 31lbs.

Our Honest Review

The Ruyga is a fun racket to play with. It’s definitely an attacking racket as its head heaviness lets you clear, lift out, and smash with ease. Coach Ching found that it allowed for a pretty good attacking angle (likely thanks to the WES) and with his play style, he noticed really good backcourt accuracy and play in drops, cross courts, and backhand slices all being very accurate. The accuracy of the racket surprised him though it certainly has that Victor “ping” feedback when you mishit a shot so keep that in mind if that is something you are sensitive to (as mentioned before, this isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different from Yonex rackets). Smashes were strong but not quite as strong for Coach Ching as with the Thruster Falcon. Coach Ching thinks this is due to his swing and play style. He tends to smash harder with increased racket speed (faster rackets) vs head heaviness.

We’re guessing a lot of people will want to know the difference between the Ryuga and the Falcon. To Coach Ching, the main difference is head heaviness. You can definitely feel the difference. While the Ryuga is rated moderately stiff which is the same as the Falcon, while playing, the head heaviness makes the Ryuga feel more flexible/whippy. To a lot of intermediate/advanced power/singles players, this will be a great racket with surprising accuracy. For those of us who play a more speed-oriented game, you may want to try the Bravesword or Auraspeed series.

Material & Technologies

  • High Resilience Modulus Graphite
  • Hard Cored Technology
  • Nano Fortify TR
  • 6.8 shaft
  • Pyrofil
  • Power Box
  • Shaft Recovery System
  • Anti-Torsion Shaft

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Play Level

Competitive, Professional, Tournament

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