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Victor Thruster Falcon Enhanced


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The Victor Thruster Falcon Enhanced is one of the most popular power rackets from Victor in use today. Used by top international players like Hendra Setiawan, and Praveen Jordan the Thruster Falcon is a serious competitor in the power space. The racket comes in at 4U with a stiffer shaft and head-heavy balance providing an awesome combination of power and control, especially when strung at higher tensions. The shaft is an incredibly thin 6.5mm which helps reduce wind resistance. The colors are a beautiful combination of black, gold, and copper and look fantastic when strung with black strings.

This racket comes unstrung so be sure to select a string when purchasing!

Material & Technologies

  • High Resilient Modulus Graphite
  • Hard Cored Technology
  • 6.5mm shaft
  • 76 grommet hole construction
  • Anti-Torsion System
  • Free Core Technology

Our Honest Review

This is an easy one…buy this racket. This is Coach Ching’s favorite racket so far and the one he switched over to from the Yonex ArcSaber 11. For a power racket, the Falcon doesn’t feel overly head heavy but still provides excellent repulsion and control…a rare combination for rackets in this range. Smashes are incredibly powerful and the racket is extremely easy to play with, with little-to-no arm fatigue after long training sessions. We were surprised at the level of control this racket afforded. It is likely attributable to the stiffer shaft and rigid head construction. This is also one of the few rackets that you can safely string up to 31 lbs

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