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AirBadminton AirShuttle II


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The AirShuttle is a special shuttle designed for outdoor play. The BWF introduced the new sport of AirBadminton in 2020 that uses a larger court, fewer lines, and slightly modified rules. With the AirShuttle, you can more easily play badminton outdoors in winds up to 12km/hour without worrying about too much wind interference. Whether you play by the official AirBadminton rules or not, it’s a great way to get your badminton in when you can’t hit the courts. Outdoor play makes badminton accessible to far more people so be sure to bring your family and friends. Please keep in mind that these are not like nylon shuttles and you cannot expect the same kind of “badminton” outdoors with this shuttle that you can indoors with regular nylon or feather shuttles. The shuttle is heavier, the “cork” is hard plastic, and the play is far more clear/smash-driven. Netplay is largely out of the question due to how the shuttle tumbles and the 2m dead zone in front of the net. Even with these changes, AirBadminton is still a badminton-like game that is loads of fun that you can play almost anywhere.


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