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RSL Classic Tourney Shuttles


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The RSL Classic Tourney is a worldwide favorite shuttle for club and competitive play. Not only it is a BWF-approved shuttle for international tournament play, but it has one of the best reputations for cost, durability, and playability in clubs across the world. We are one of the few US-based badminton retailers to officially stock RSL shuttles.

Our Honest Review

The RSL shuttles are some of the best shuttles we have ever tried. Both the Supreme and the Tourney offer incredible durability and flight characteristics. Durability wise, they are more durable than the Victor Masters with the same excellent flight characteristics. Between the Supreme and the Tourney, I will say that the Supremes may be slightly more durable and feel slightly more heavy/solid when hit. Both are still excellent shuttles for high-level compeititon though. I am thoroughly impressed with the RSL shuttle line.

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